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cannon pro 100 illustrator color match


hello.  ive had sucsees with my pro 100 using the print studio to do photos through lightroom,  however, when it comes to graphic images though illustroar the colors are way off.  


im using a 2015 macbook and often printing to cardstock and photo paper through adobe for what it is worth. 

  any suggestions for color mathcing?






Proper monitor calibration and selecting the correct ICC profile for your media type are the two biggest factors affecting color rendition.


It doesn't sound like you are double processing your print job, but I'm sure you already know that doing so can cause your colors to be off. 


Maybe you can tell us more about your workflow.  What you are printing and how, your settings, etc.



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I have seen a number of posts on this forum concerning problems with Illustrator (which I do not use).


One reported issue involves color space - are you in RGB or CYMK?


Found this via Google.

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Hi southriverrider


We would be happy to assist with illustrator and your pro-100. To assist further with the print issue, we would need some additional information. If you can reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some trouble shooting steps.


  1. Are you letting the printer manage color our is illustrator managing the color?
  2. What specific paper are you printing on and what settings are you selecting for the media type and quality?
  3. How are the colors "off"? Do you have a specific color tint to the images or is it an intensity issue?
  4. What version of the Mac OS are you using on the computer?
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