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Why do certain media options show on PCs for the ImagePROGRAF 8300s, but not on our MACs?


Our shop had recently acquired a new imagePROGRAF 8300s large format printer.  We've had a pretty good exprience using it, but realize a few things.


1.  When installing the discs provided to us, by Canon, we noticed that when printing to "Scrim Vinyl Banner" material or "Gloss Photographic Paper 190 gsm" there is no option to choose these types of media on our MACs, having used the same discs for our PCs, but these media options show on PCs.


2.  When checking for color profiles, there doesn't seem to be a color profile for scrim vinyl banner material on neither PC or MAC, even though it is offered as a media type.


 I feel like I've installed almost everything I knew possible through the Canon support downloads.  Not sure what else to do.  Any recommendations?