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Question about Canon Profiles


Someone explain canons profiles, like for example its not infront of me I am at work but let's say Luster paper canons ICC profile there is a 1/2 or a 2 I think it is what is the difference  between the two?


All these views nobody uses Canon profiles and knows the answer?


Hello Gemini061270!


If this is a time-sensitive matter, we'd suggest reaching out to our technical support team through the following link: Contact Us.  The forums are not intended for immediate support.




I don't understand what you are really asking for?  Do you want the raw data that is in the profiles or do you want what they do?

Canon has very strict specifications on how it's paper and inks are made. They can then write certain specific instructions for it's printers to follow to make a good print. This is why it is always better to stick with Canon paper and inks. Just less problems. However ther are some other paper makers, Red River for one, that do great job, too. On inks, stay with Canon.


If you are wanting the actual code that Canon usues, I don't think Canon will be willing to share that with you.

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I am asking what the difference is between the selections when printing, 1/2 or 2 what is the difference , how do you know which one to select when printing if it offers two choices for the same paper.

OK, gotcha. There may have been a reformulation of how the specifications of "Luster" paper was made that allowed for a better profile. It is similar to the Standard and High quality settings in My Printer.

Generally the lower setting is fine but there may be that situation where everything has to perfect as can be.

In either case you should notice a slight slow down in the print speed coming out of the printer. And in some cases you may not be able to 'see' a big difference.

There are just way too many variables in printing color photos to lump them into, this is the way it is and that is that, category.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

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Hi Gemini061270,


Great response, ebiggs1!


Generally, the numbers in the name of a ICC profile (especially at the end of the name) are quality descriptions. The higher the number the better the quality (5 being high quality, for example).  But without knowing the specific ICC profiles in question, I can't say for sure.



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Not really sure why this post became so confusing, I didn't ask what's inside the ICC as in their codes , nor anything with the #5

I know there is a canon profile in the selection that ends in 1/2 and 2 like Luster 1/2 Luster 2 , Just asking what the difference between the 1/2 or 2 means I didn't see much difference when selecting and printing but must be something different to have two different choices for the same paper.

Hello Gemini061270.


The number that is listed with the profile indicates print quality.  The lower the number, the finer the quality or saturation for the printout.  In the case of the Luster ICC profiles, the "1/2" option would have a higher quality than the "2" option.

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