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Upgrade from Pro 100?

What's the next step up from Pro-100, would that be the PRo-1000?


I'm new to this forum but have already received enlightening insight & very practical advice -thank you!


I have had surprising success with prints from my Pro 100. Almost every print has been as good as expected or better. Recent success with 13x26 pano printing was made possible by info gleaned here.


I am a nature/wildlife photographer selling individual prints, and looking to offer larger size prints. I do not intend to offer printing services. A quick look at the Canon Catalog suggests the Pro-1000 could be a sensible upgrade if sales continue. But with the cost of a full set of inks at $700, this choice requires consideration. The Pro-100 is perfect for a low volume artist to produce excellent prints with low overhead. And as the inks are in 13Ml cartidges, I don't worry about them drying out.


What is the expected life span of a Lucia Pro inkset? As a low volume user I worry that the inks might dry out before they are empty.


I believe the Pro 1000 can't print from a roll. The stated max paper dimension is 25.5. (I have printed 26" on Pro 100) Can it print wider than that with custom settings?


I have read reviews from users claiming Pro 1000 prints are significantly superior to Pro 100 prints. Is this true (my Pro 100 prints look outstanding on quality Baryta paper)


Any thoughts/advice? Would esp like to hear from Pro 100 users who have upgraded. Thanks!


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Re: Upgrade from Pro 100?

I just upgraded from the Pro-100 to the Pro-1000. I purchased it from Best Buy with a two year extended warrarty. Yep, the ink is costly but the prints are amazing. FYI, I use Red River Paper (Satin and Matte). Also, do not worry about the ink drying out since you should print something (I do a Test Page) once/week in order to ensure no clogging.

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Re: Upgrade from Pro 100?

I disovered Red River Paper through this forum. Excellent! I like their Baryta paper. Just made my forst 13x26" pano print on the Canon Pro 100 -using Red River Baryta 13x38" paper that I cut to 26". Works like a charm.


Pro 1000 sounds like the real deal -thanks!

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Re: Upgrade from Pro 100?

Pro 100 > Pro 10 > Pro 1000,25858,25859

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