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Solution found for stock Canon paper iccprofiles location in MacOS.


In trying to soft-proof an image in Affinity to print to a Canon Pro 10, the stock Canon papers to proof to do not show up in the list of icc profiles. Major issue. This is with the MacOS. In the Canon printer driver window media choices, these papers do show up but where are they? and how to put these icc profiles in the correct place so you can soft-proof to these papers. [Pro luster, Pro Platnium, Semi gloss, Premium Matt]  I finally found them and the software writers sure don't make it easy to find though. OK. here is how and where they are to copy and paste into the correct location:

The stock Canon Profiles are hidden and not automatically put into the library>Colorsync>Profiles location which makes profiles available to Affinity for instance.

They must be copied from here: library> printers> Canon> BJPrinter> Resources>  ICCProfiles>  -Then control-click on the printer you use ie. Pro 10 or Pro 100  [that one threw me] and choose in the dropdown menu: show package contents.   From there you see Contents> Resources>   All the profiles appear to be copied and then pasted in correct location:

 Library> Colorsync> Profiles 


If there are any software writer employees at Canon reading this, this placement of the icc profiles in the correct location should be done automatically with the installation of Canon printer driver software...    cheers



I know this is an old post, but want to thank you for your hard work in figuring this out.  Unfortunately, I followed it exactly and copied those profiles to Colorsync, however, they still do not appear in Soft Proofing.


I rebooted and restarted, but no go.


Any other thoughts?


2017 27" iMac running macOS 11.2.2 and Affinity Photo 1.9.1



Hi. I am not sure what and when things changed with Affinity but something is way different. I checked and the icc profiles still are there for soft-proofing but other things seemed to have changed in the way layers dialog boxes can be worked with.   The Affinity user interface is so different that I am going to have to relearn it. 

WIth all the Mac OS Big Sur updates and hte new 1.9 version of Affinity released a month ago, (February), my best guess is it is a result of this lastest upgrade and or something in the Mac OS upgrade.

I will get back to trying to answer your question after I relearn Affinity from some of the videos on 1.9 version  of Affinity.

So after a lot of research and wrong answers, I found the solution in an obscure post. In macOS Big Sur, the path for the icc profiles for soft-proofing in Affinity Photo is "/Users/Me/Library/Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Application Support/profiles"

Copied (option-drag) them to the path above and it works perfectly!!!

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