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Pro10 Print small picture on large paper


Hi, I want to print a 12x16" digital art print on 13x19" paper.  I want the 12x16" to be that size on the larger paper. I would prefer it to be centered, either at the top or center of the 13x19 sheet.  What settings do I use to make this happen?  I got it to happen once, and cannot seem to duplicate it.  I am using windows 10 and Corel Painter.  The 12x16 image is currently printing 1/4" wider and 1/2" longer.  It will not let me change margins to 0.  Settings I am playing around with are: Custom Size 12x16, Normal Printing (not Fit to Page, etc), Papersize A3+, not borderless. Thanks for any suggestions.



Can you post a screen shot of the Corel print dialogue box so folks can see the possible settings? Maybe we can help from there.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi northern40,


I would recommend selecting the 13x19" paper and then scale to fit paper size. This will allow the photo to fit correctly on the 13x19" paper.


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Hi, thanks so much for all your help.  It seems I have been trying to fit one aspect ratio into another.  The other problem is that the mat for an 11x14 center is actually 10.5x13.5, so this was also throwing me off.  I also see from other comments that you cannot change margin sizes to zero on a custom size print request. I was able to print it centered though by setting my canvas size in the art software to how big I wanted it, and setting the printer properties to the paper size I had.  No custom settings required. It still did not fit my mat as well as I liked but the aspect ratio was just not changeable without cropping my art.