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Pro-1000 firmware update


I see in Settings that there is a firmware update available for my Pro-1000 from to


Before I install the update, does anyone know what changes are made by the update?



Canon always includes what is changed alongside the firmware update instructions.  See the Driver/Software Details link on this Support Page.


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Thank you for your help. I have already checked that page and the latest firmware listed is 3.010. The only indication from Canon of this upgrade to 3.020 that I'm aware of is the in-printer settings notification, i.e., the option to perform the upgrade under Various Settings in the printer menu.

Has anyone found any details about this firmware update yet?  What's on the Canon USA support download page appears to be the previous version of the FW, i.e. 3.010.  As others have mentioned, I only see the new FW notice on the display on the printer.  I'm hesistant to upgrade without some specifics on what it does.  Thanks!



I haven't discovered any more info since my first post to this thread. I did the update and all seems to function as expected, though I'm still interested to know what the update was for.

Thanks for your quick reply.  I may try and contact Canon support and see if they have a clue.  Would love to know if there is some new featues with this update.  Glad to hear the update went OK for you given that there were a couple of posts with issues.  It's a relatively new printer for me so I'm being cautious...

So I contacted Canon USA support about the new FW version (after waiting 45 minutes on hold).  They don't know what the changes are for this version.  They are going to contact engineering and see if they can get an answer and get back to me.  I'll post if I hear anything back.

Sounds good... thank you for you efforts!

The person that I spoke with at Canon called me back.  They weren't able to get much info on the new FW, but what he was told is that it included some security improvements and minor print quality improvements.  He was going to try to get some additional details and if so, will get back to me.


I just installed the update.  If I notice any issues, I'll post.


I have nothing found about this firmware update, but I have a problem with the printer ather doing the update. See:

click here to view the press release