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Pro-100 Clicking noise from head cleaner 5C00 Error

I have a Pro-100 that has been having a 5C00 error. The printer will stop and just make a clicking noise until it eventually stops with the alternating lights.


After turning the power off and back on, I can see the wiper move fine front to back, and the ink absorbsion pad lift up fine but then it makes the clicking noise. From the looks of things, the part that is moving must be some sort of parasitic pump that sucks the waste ink a way. For some reason part of it must be catching on something causing this clicking noise.


A video of what is happening:


This also isnt the first time I have had one of these printer do this. The last time it was replaced under warrenty, which is nice, but I'd rather have some explanation as to what may be going wrong, or if I should just give up on this printer and try something else.

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Re: Pro-100 Clicking noise from head cleaner 5C00 Error

Is the sponge holder broken?


Annotation 2020-01-02 174615.jpg

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Re: Pro-100 Clicking noise from head cleaner 5C00 Error

That is just a bit of ink.


A placed some ink on the sponges to see if the suction was working, the printer suctioned the ink away just fine.


When the printer first turns on the sponge is in the lower position and moves up and down just fine.


Canon will replace the printer under their year warranty, but it takes an hour of sitting on the phone with customer support (for what ever reason they no longer do chat support), them sending a new unit, getting it setup, sending the old one back. I would rather understand why this is happening but it seems like a hardware failure and these printers seems about imposible to repair unfortuntely.


Between the two printers we use daily, we have already had two replacements. Both printers are in a conditioned office space. I have them plug into power conditioners to eliminate any electrical spikes or noise, and powered USB hubs to ensure the printers are getting a good connection. When not in use all the doors on the printers are closed to elimnate any air from flowing through the printers.


When they work, they are great but, I don't think Canon shouldn't be marketing them as a professionl photo printer since the most important part about using them professionally is them actually working reliably.

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