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Printing on Canon Pixma Pro 100 blurry photos




I just bought the Canon pixma pro 100 for BH Photo Video, I printed a test print, it was a patterned print, and it was perfect no problems at all, and then every print after that was awful, they were blurry, splochy and not even close to what was on screen. I messed with the settings a bit in Canon Print Studio Pro and nothing worked. I used the same exact settings and photo as the first print, and it was still blurry and horrible. What should I do? I am printing from a windows computer from print studio pro and I am using the 8.5x10.5 pro luster paper that comes in the box. I will put some photos of the prints below. 


This is the first patterned print I printedThis is every print after that



Not to be insulting, but make sure that you are printing on the correct side of the sheets.  It is an easy mistake to make.  I've done it.

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I know this might be a dumb question, but does the glossy side face down on this printer? Or face up?

@Scrappy52 wrote:

I know this might be a dumb question, but does the glossy side face down on this printer? Or face up?

"Dumb questions are the questions that you're too embarasssed to ask."   <---- Me.


Ask away.  If you are using Canon paper, then one side of it has very faint "Canon" watermarks all over it.  That would be the wrong side for printing. 


I use the "rear" paper slot in the Pro-100, which would be the one on the top surface.  The paper slot on the rear panel is referred to as the "manual" input slot by Canon.  When I use the "rear" slot, the watermarks face downward.  Printing will take place on the surface that is facing you, and the print will slide out of the front slot. 


Be sure to open the slot, and to close the small dust cover on the rear slot, otherwise the printer will not start printing.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

If there is no watermark on the paper wet a finger tip and touch a corner. Print side will be tacky.


Some papers are very difficult to tell print side from back. Almost certain that your problem is printing on the wrong side.

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Conway, NH

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If you did indeed print several sheets on the wrong side, the paper path and associated parts may need to be cleaned. 

Do this before trying to print on the correct side.


BTW, until you get comfortable with your new Pro-100, use only Canon brand ink and paper.  That is what it is designed for and works best with.  If you have a pack of Canon semi gloss or gloss paper, it is easy to tell which side is which.  That side always goes up.


After you get to know your printer and how it functions, check out Red River Paper Co. They have great paper and lots of info on the Pro-100.  All their paper is designed to work with the Pro-100 and they supply you with the correct profiles.


You did use the correct profile, didn't you?  The wrong profile could do exactly what you are seeing.




BTW, never use anything but Canon ink.  Other brand paper is good. Off brand ink is bad, IMHO, of course.

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