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Pixma Pro-200 won’t print a specific colour


We’re having an issue with our printer not printing the photo cyan (PC) color at all. The original ink cartridge was around 40% full when this problem started occurring and it’s regularly used. We’ve since replaced it with a brand new (genuine) Canon cartridge, but the printer is still not printing the PC color.

I have run at least 5+ deep cleaning cycles, but this has not resolved the issue. When I print a nozzle check page, the PC color section is completely blank.

With the old cartridge, I tried gently blowing into the ink port (with a tissue over it) to see if ink would come out, which it did as expected. However, this did not fix the problem either.

The printer has been used regularly, and the wrapping was removed from the new cartridge before installing it. The PC color is the only one exhibiting this issue - the other colors print fine. This leads me to believe there must be some other underlying problem, since the issue started midway through the previous cartridge.

If anyone has suggestions on how I can get the printer to start printing the photo cyan color again, I would greatly appreciate your help and advice!


Product Expert
Product Expert


Since the cleanings did not resolve the issue, the printer would require service. 

At this time, I recommend you reach out to Canon support for possible service/warranty options. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you.