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Pixma Pro 100


I have 2 questions I would like help with:

1) How do I know when I need to change an ink cartridge?

2) How do you know when, to clean the print head, and how do you clean it?


Thank you




You will be told when the ink gets low.  This is not 100% accurate as the number of prints you can still make after you are notified can vary depending on what you are printing.  The printer will let you know when its time to change ink.


The printhead doesn't need to be cleaned unless you notice or experience inconsistent printing results.  Missing or faded colors. banding, etc.


Review your manual for best results..


Canon : PIXMA Manuals : PRO-100S series : Checking the Ink Status from Your Computer


Canon : PIXMA Manuals : PRO-100S series : Cleaning the Print Heads from Your Computer

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Hi Rick,

I appreciate the quick response. I was hoping that the printer would just tell me when Im low. Ive heard, that you are supposed to change an ink cartrigde before it runs out, but looking at a cartridge, how would you know when that will be! I would rather just rely on the printer to tell me when its time.

Also I was hoping the head would not have to be clenaed unless an issue.  This is all new to me.


Thank you


Hi. The lamps on the ink cartridges will tell you when an ink cartridge is low on ink. When you open the cover, the inks will move to the replacement position. Once there, please look at the lamps on the ink cartridges.

  • If the lamp on a cartridge is lit (steady), the cartridge has ink.
  • If the lamp on a cartridge is flashing slowly (once every three seconds), the cartridge is low on ink.
  • If the lamp on a cartridge is flashing quickly (once every second), the cartridge is out of ink and needs to be changed.

For more information on the ink status lamps, please see: 


The alarm lamp on the printer (orange lamp near the Resume/Cancel button) will flash 16 times when an ink cartridge is out of ink. When you see the orange alarm lamp flashing 16 times, you can open the printer and look for the cartridge that is flashing quickly (once every second). That is the cartridge that needs changing.


For more information on the alarm codes, please see: 


Please note, that you will only need to change an ink cartridge if it is out of ink OR if the ink is low and you are seeing issues with your prints (color missing).


If the ink lamp is not flashing and you are noticing an issue with your prints, we recommend printing a nozzle check pattern to determine which nozzles are clogged. If the test pattern shows issues with one of the colors, we recommend performing a cleaning. Then, print another pattern to see if the issue has been resolved.


If one cleaning does not help, you should do a deep cleaning, and then print another test pattern. If the issue is still not resolved, we recommend waiting 4-6 hours before doing a second deep cleaning. During that wait time, the ink may soak through the clog and loosen it. You can do a third deep cleaning the next day if the problem persists.


We only recommend performing a cleaning or deep cleaning when you see issues with your prints. You should print a test pattern first to make sure there is a problem.


For more information on what to do when you see issues with your prints, please see:


I hope this information helps. Thanks for choosing Canon.

The printer will issue an alert when the ink is running low and tell you to prepare a cartridge. When that happens just be sure you have a replacement. You don't need to do anything at that point. 

As you continue printing you will get a warning with a red "X" that says ink has run out. At that point printer will stop and you need to replace that cartridge. 

One thing to consider- whenever a cartridge is replaced the prior us through a purge cycle that involves all eight cartridges. The purge uses a lot of ink relatively speaking.  

Some folks, me being one of them, replace all cartridges that have an "X" or an "!" at the same time to avoid the "domino effect". 

A cartridge that has an "!", meaning it is running low, could be transitioned to an "X" as a result of the purge, meaning you need to now replace it and initiate another purge cycle. 

Just let the printer tell you what needs attention, and as stated by Jay, only run a cleaning when the print output doesn't look good.

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I am trying to set up my pro 100s. The windows 10 pc recognises the printer, but I can't get the Canon site or CD to allow me to download the driver. In both cases the message says that the printer can't be found. 

I have tried different USB cables, restarting printerand restarting PC. I have tried other USB ports, I have tried both wifi and usb. I even tried a different computer. In no case can I get the software to get to the download stage. The printer is, therefore, unusable. 

Can anyone help?


Thanks and here's hoping!

I don't really understand that you "can't get the Canon site... to allow me to download the driver." I went to the Canon USA download site, entered Pixma Pro-100 in the search window and was presented with the choice of the PRO-100 series Printer Driver Ver.1.07 (Windows) or the XPS driver Ver. 5.87. I clicked on the Ver.1.07 and it immediately downloaded to my computer's (Windows 10, 64-bit) download folder. I went no further as that driver is already installed.


Are you saying that it would not download, or that it would not install atfer being downloaded?


Robert N.



Hi Robnich,


I have to apologise as I have made an error that, even as a computer user right back to punch card days, I have made a beginner's error. Firstly: you are right - and thank you for checking the download site - it was installation that was the issue.


What was happening is as follows: 

The installation started and got to the part where a choice had to be made between wifi, USB or LAN. I checked the USB cable option and awaited the next step. The messaging said that it might take some time to locate the printer and, eventually, that the printer could not be detected.  I then tried the wifi route - same outcome.


Later, after posting my question, I thought that there must be buttons in the dialogue that I could not see - I had already tried scrolling, of course, but no scrolling was to be had. However, on trying again and getting close to the screen (both PC and Laptop), I did see about a half mm of dialogue buttons and realised my stupid error. The cursor was just able to latch on to the right hand button - which is usually the confirmation control - and of course the installation proceeded without a hitch.


I apologisew for wasting your time, but thank you for your effort to move to a solution.



I'm glad you worked it out. I 'm sure you will enjoy using the Pro-100, a truly excellent photo printer.


Robert N.

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