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Pixma Pro-10 Squealing / Squeaking noise

Bought my Pixma-Pro 10 in July 2020


In July 2021 (Just past warranty) during a print job of 250 prints, started making a squeaking / squealing noise while in operation.  It sounds like something needs lubrication.


There is no decrease in the quality of the prints.


The noise itself doesn't bother me but I am worried it is an indication of something that needs maintenance and will cause damage if not addressed.  Might be too late (I’ve let it go unaddressed for 3 weeks now).


Update: In August 2021 I got an error message I hadn't seen before.  It said to turn off the printer, check for foreign objects, check the ink cartridges were installed correctly and turn back on.  Printer worked again after restarting, but got the error message again after 1 print.  I suspect the error message and noise are related.  


Canon Customer Service says “I don’t know…  You can buy a new printer…”  Which I don’t find very helpful.


Is there a way I can try to fix this myself?  Can anyone tell me the proper way to lubricate a Pixma Pro-10?  Do I seriously just need to "buy a new printer" every14 months?

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Re: Pixma Pro-10 Squealing / Squeaking noise

Call and ask to speak with a supervisor. They may be able to work something out. 

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