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PIxma Pro 100 - Lightroom Incorrect image sizing for select paper sizes


I am trying to print from Lightroom to the Pixma Pro 100 using the A3+ Paper size (13"x19")  In Lightroom, the page and printer setups are all correct (verified by Adobe's Tech support) and in the Print Preview area, everything looks great and ready to print.


Yet when I actually print the image to A3+ paper (and the image nearly fills the entire paper area) the resulting image is serverly cropped on the paper.  In fact is looks like it is cropping the image to 8.5x11, which obviously, only uses a portion of the 13x19 paper size.  It seems that Lighroom or the Canon Printer drivers are not respecting the selected paper size and defaulting to 8.5x11.


Here is a link to an image of what the print out looks like:


This does not happen when printing from Print Studio Pro, nor from Photoshop itself.


I've dealt with Adobe Tech support and Canon - both are point fingers at each other.  Meanwhile I am unable to print anything on larger paper sizes.


The Pixma Pro is the only printer connected and I've re-installed drivers and checked for updates.  Still the same.  At this point, any comments on the situation would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


Bruce Johnson




Bruce Johnson

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello bdj100.


Since you are able to print from other programs.  Please check the Page Setup settings in the program to ensure that the correct A3+ size is begin used.  You may also have to crop the image with the specific 13x19 dimensions.


If you continue to have difficulties, we would have to advise that you print the image in the Print Studio Pro or Adobe Photoshop programs that you have been successful with.

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I am experiencing something like this as well.

I do almost all my printing in A3+ and I do it all directly from LIghtroom. No problem til sometime this summer (post firmware update). Now whenever I set it up for 13 x 19 (and LR shows that it is 13 X 19) the finished print is actually 7.5 x 11 on the 13 x 19 in paper.

Incredibly frustrating as I go through time, paper, ink, and tech support (at Canon and Adobe) trying to resolve this.

Last week a Canon technician walked me through a complete reinstall of the printer and then it worked again. This week it's back to the same mess, and neither  a reinstallation of the printer today nor an update of my LR solfware resolved the problem.

I learned today that I am able to print the correct size using Print Studio Pro, but I have never used it in the past and I'm reluctant to switch from the functional LR to Canon workflow I had going (where I knew how my printing specs would come out) 

I still haven't found a resolution. Adobe points to Canon and Canon points to Adobe.
It's very frustrating since I would like to do all my printing from LR. Instead I have to export the photo to Photoshop and print from there.
Annoying added steps just to make a print.

Bummer for Canon...
Bruce Johnson

I was on the phone for two and a half hours with Adobe trying to resolve this today. I've been bumped up to the next level of technical support and was told they'll get back to me within 72 hours. In the meantime I have to use Print Studio Pro I guess.

What I cannot understand is how from April to July I was able to print 13 x 19 borderless with no problem, and now I get 7.5 x 11 in images on my 13 x 19in paper. It's got to be an update in LR or something in the Canon firmware update that LR doesn''t know how to deal with. I loved my pro-1 until this happened. Now I'm ready to kill Adobe and Canon.

Hi bdj100 and lredburn,


I certainly understand how this can be frustrating.  


One question I have for both of you, are you printing from Macs?  If so, how many print dialogue boxes appear.  Often when printing from a Mac with products like Lightroom or Photoshop, you will see a print window for the software appear first and then a generic print settings window from Mac.  If the second window appears, do not alter any of the settings in the second window.


This brings me to the next point.  The print settings and configurations provided by the software will always override any default settings configured by the print driver.  When settings are changed in the second print settings window, it can cause conflicting information to be sent to the printer and alter the final output.  


Even with advanced printers like the PIXMA PRO-100 or Pro-1, the device is dependent on the data it receives from the computer.  If the computer tells it to print a letter size image, the printer will do as it's told.  So the good news is, this isn't pointing to an issue with the hardware of your device.  Since you can print from other applications, that takes the drivers out of the equation as well.


As much as I regret to say it, this is pointing towards an issue with the Lightroom software.  To ensure that nothing is being overlooked in the troubleshooting process, please feel free to Contact Us!

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