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PIXMA Pro-200 will not recognize paper in the feed


This printer has always been touchy about detecting paper in the top feed. Round and round with the notification - I've even put multiple sheets in the feed to get it to detect the paper.

Does anyone have a trick or two to convince the printer it has media loaded?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Grace Studio! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. I see that your PIXMA PRO-200 is not detecting the paper that you’ve loaded in the top feed.

To start troubleshooting, please take the paper out of the top feed and look inside to make sure there are no obstructions that may have fallen in (like a pencil or pen). If there are no obstructions, please review the section of the manual that has information about loading paper in the top feed. You can use the following link to open that page:

Please make sure that you are adjusting the paper guides mentioned in step 7.

If the paper is being loaded properly, I recommend that you clean the Paper Feed Rollers for the top feed. You can use the first set of instructions (steps 1-10) in the following section of the manual:

When you get to step 5, please select the Top Feed option. If the problem persists, please follow the second set of instructions on the same page (after step 10) to clean the rollers manually with a damp cloth.

Should you continue to need help, please write back with answers to the following questions:

  • When you try to print, what support code is being displayed at the printer?
    See “When a Support Code and a Message are displayed on the Printer’s LCD:”
  • If you are not seeing an error message/ code on the printer, what message are you getting at your computer?
  • What type and size of paper are you trying to print on?
  • Does this same issue happen when you print on other types and sizes of paper?
  • Before printing, are you able to select the paper size and type settings on your computer?
  • When loading the paper at the printer, are you able to register the paper size and type according to the article that shows how to load paper in the top feed (step 9)?
  • What operating system is your computer running?

I hope this information helps. Thanks again.

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