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My printer has suddenly begun jamming when I feed the paper from the back.  I have tried feeding the paper from the front,

but it pulls to the right and then jams.  When I attempt to feed the paper from the back it passes what appears to be the

rear roller, but then becomes an accordion when tries to pass what I am assuming is the front roller.


I have contacted Canon, but they can only suggest that I have the printer repaired.  I love this printer, but living mostly on

Social Security I know I cannot afford to have it repaired.  Anything anyone can tell me that will enable me to repair it will be

forever appreciated.



I suspect the rollers are dirty. Yes it will need repair by either you or Canon or a repair shop.

You can try. Get some denatured alcohol and some long cotton swabs. Have at it. Clean every roller you can see or get to.

Also any paper handling path.

At this point what can you hurt?


But another, better, suggestion, why not buy a Pro-100? It has a huge rebate from Canon right now. You can buy a brand new

Pro-100 for less than $100 bucks. That is less than the value of the ink that comes with it. Now if you find yourself with a faulty printer and need ink for it, the Pro-100 is a no brainer! Smiley Happy

Besides the Pro-100 is a better printer.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thank you ebiggs1 for your informative reply.


How can I get the Pro 100 for less than $100 bucks?  That sure sounds too good to be true, but I got a great discount deal on my Pro 9000 so I sure would like to have a go at it.


Thanks for any info and advice.

Chris check this out. Us old guys gotta help each other.





Plus you are going to get free shipping and possibly no sales tax depending on where you live.


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thanks again.  I will check them out.


You're right about us old guys helping each other out.  I'm trying, but so far I'm not getting anywhere.


To see what I mean, check out and go down to "Reach For The Clouds"