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Newbie here in need of advice for printing PS - PrintStudio Pro

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Hi All, so I got my printer (Pro-1000) setup and running. I was able to get the Print Studio Pro plugin working in photoshop and lightroom cc. I run a test and it works great. I think I still need to make adjustment to the colors and this is the reason for this posting. 


I work with photoshop , In photoshop I can work with sRGB (this is my default), Adbobe RGB or I can also assign the printer profiles  (like canon pro-1000/500 photo paper pro luster) .


Also the Canon PSP, when printing I can choose ICC Profile, Dirver Matching and No Color Corrcetion. 


Question1. What combination do you use? 

- PS > assign the canon pro-1000 profile  ?  or use Use the ICC /Perceptual? ICC/Relative colorimetric ?  (which one, Perceptual or colorimetric). Which one is better in what cases? 


Q2: color mode Driver Matching> All Other options are disabled? Why and how to use it  ? 


Q3: If someone send you a pohoto for you to print it, what options you choose ? Do you open the phtoo and see what profile is the photo?



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Re: Newbie here in need of advice for printing PS - PrintStudio Pro

The very first thing you'll want to understand is the difference between input and output profiles. 


sRGB and RGB are input profiles. This is the color space you work in. Other input profiles would be SWOP (CMYK) and Pro-photo. To view colors on your monitor correctly, you will want to profile your monitor, and apply the monitor profile to your minotor, so that you are displaying your working color space as accurately as possible. 


Your paper profiles (printer profiles) are your output profles. These profiles tell Photoshop/your printer how to translate the image on your screen to print, and to match your input profile, or working color space. You don't want to apply a paper profile or printer profile to your file directly. You won't get the results you're expecting. 


Generally you will want to choose the correct color profile for the paper you're printing on when using Print Studio Pro. You will select the correct color profile for your output paper at that time, and you will let PS manage the color. You will also need to select the correct media type in PSP. It's different for each paper. So you select media type, the paper profile, let PS manage the color output, and then you'll probably use "perceptual" for for your rendering intent. If Perceptual doesn't give you the results you want, try relative colormetric, but usually perceptual is the way to go. You'll never use exact colormetric or LAB unless you really know what you're doing, and really have a reason to use those, but with photography I would expect that you would never use those. 


If someone sends me a file to print I ask that they ensure their file is saved with the embedded working profile. When you save a file in PS or LR, at the bottom of the save dialogue box there is a little check box that says "embed working profile". You want that checked, so the file is saved with the working profile that the file was created with. If they person saved it with a paper profile, then they did it wrong. It should either be sRGB or RGB or some variant thereof. 


You will then print that file with the correct OUTPUT profile, depending on what paper you are printing on. So if I'm printing on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl, for example, I would print that file using the CANON_pro1000-HFA_FineArtePearl.icm. 


Hope that helps. 

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