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Mutted Colors on Matte Photo Paper - Pixma Pro-100



I just bought the Pixma Pro-100 printer and am having problems printing on matte papers.


I've printed on glossy - looks great 

I've printed on Luster - lookgs great 


Printed on Matte and it looks terrible. I use Photoshop to print my pictures and I've tried using the Canon software and printing directly through PS and they both come out muted. 


Is there a trick to printing on Matte Papers? 





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Re: Mutted Colors on Matte Photo Paper - Pixma Pro-100

Hi danadawn.

When printing, what paper profile are you selecting?  Matte photo paper has different printing needs than glossy photo paper, so you will need to ensure the correct paper profile is set when printing.


Some paper manufacturers provide their own ICC Profiles for use with Canon printers.  Check the paper manufacturer's website to see if they have a proprietary ICC profile, or if they provide recommended settings for that paper.


If the results are coming out muddy, double-check that you are loading the paper print-side up.  Most photo paper, whether glossy or matte, has only one coated side intended for printing.  Double-sided photo paper may run into paper feeding issues, when the coating rubs off on the paper feed rollers.  If you're uncertain which is the print side, lightly moisten one finger, then touch a corner on each side of the paper.  The one that feels stickier is the print side.

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Re: Mutted Colors on Matte Photo Paper - Pixma Pro-100

To add to what the Canon Mod said, not only do you need to use the correct ICC profie for the paper you're using, but the media type becomes very important as it determines how much ink gets laid down, and it varies greatly between papers. 

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