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Ink cartridge stuck in Cannon Pro-1000


I am unable to eject the PM ink cartrige from my Cannon Pro-1000 printer to change out the ink. The pop to release seems jammed and I see a way to fix it. Can anyone help? 


I promised to respond after contacting Canon UK, so this is what happened:


My email to the UK CEO was ignored. The hard-copy version, posted many weeks later, was responded to by someone in the printer division who, after an exchange of emails, and undertaking to enquire, told me that different jurisdictions had different manufacturing criteria, but that they were unaware of any generic manufacturing issues regarding this printer.


They asked me for the serial number of my printer, which of course I couldn't give them because by that time the printer had been junked, so the final upshot was:


1. A gift of a single cartridge of black ink.Yay!


2. A one-off discount voucher to purchase further ink cartridges via the UK Canon web-site. The voucher reduced the cost of the cartridges to the exact same price as those routinely advertised by the standard ink-cartridge sales portals in the UK, so were in effect worthless, and why anyone would purchase anything via the official Canon web-store is, to me, an enduring mystery.


But at least I got a single black ink cartridge for my problems. Result, or what? 

@Jobetim wrote:

Hi All,


An update: Just before Xmas, I wrote a (very polite) letter to the CEO of Canon UK, pointing out that as Canon had now identified that faulty springs were responsible for jammed cartridges, perhaps he would consider:


1. Identifying and publicising the serial numbers of those printers affected

2. Offering affected customers replacement printers

3. Offering some measure of compensation to those customers who bought second printers through no fault of their own.


To date, I've received no reply, so I'm posting a hard copy of my letter to him today.



I've been following your efforts on compensation for this problem, as, like many others, I'm having the same. 


I'm trying to identify what the serial numbers are on the printers affected - could I possibly ask what yours is?


Having registered the problem with Canon I've been fobbed off with the 'cost too much to repair' line. The responder at Canon did say he would pass it on to his manager but I have heard nothing back, this was 2 weeks ago. I'm based in the UK.


I'm about to do the same as you and contact the CEO at Canon UK. Did you get any response?




I faced the same problem last week, 2.4 year old printer, gently used, which now has 4 cartridges stuck. I spent some time on multiple support forums and finally contacted Canon technical support USA, hoping for some recognition of seemingly known problem.

I explained the problem and was told to go the local repair shop and pay for the work, as the printer is out of warranty. I will get the quote and if it is high I am not going to repair the device. Instead, going back to Epson Pro 3880 I used for the previous 12 years. This is not a high professional quality  in my opinion, if the problem is indeed with the defective manufacturing and known to the company. 

I think Canon quietly fixed this known issue in later models. Getting someone to try to fix this on an older model with a stuck cartridge is a likely non-starter - the cost of doing it exceeds the cost of junking it and buying another one. Forcing cartridges out with pliers is one approach, but I’m not doing that. Canon consistently hide behind their ‘out of warranty’ defence, and refuse to admit what everyone knows: that this was a design issue, and that sufferers should have had their printers replaced. Lessons learned, and next time it will be Epsom, not Canon, who get my cash.


The solution is to remove the two ink cartridges on either side and then grab the stuck cartridge by hand, or if that doesn't work, by large pliers. It worked for me.


Same problem.  Open the ink cartridge flip-down access door.  There is a small square opening on the outer, right hand side.  You will see a spring on those that are working.  It is missing on the ones that do not pop out when you press the cartridge in.  There doesn't appear to be an easy way to reattach the spring.  This Youtube video shows a workaround.

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