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Hi My Prograf 300 is telling me to buy new ink and to do an update and won't let me print


The printer tells me I have two notices - one takes me to a QR code to scan and buy new ink. There does not seem to be anyway to bypass this - I already have new ink and anyway it is not totally out of ink yet. If I press the back button I just get into the same cycle of it telling me to buy new ink etc. How do I turn this notice off and just make some prints? The second notice tells me to update the printer - I have tried to do this and it has failed. No idea why.  Again, how can I bypass this and just print? It was working perfectly last week.  I hate printers.

I have checked canons website for firmware updates and my printer is already up to date.

I find this so frustrating as I am now 2 hours in to trying to make some prints and am no further forward.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you !




Greetings ,

The printer should not arbitrarily ask you to purchase ink.  What are the current levels? 

What is the current firmware version your printer is running?  This can be verified on the printer's control panel or webserver.  


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Hi Rick

Thanks for replying, but that is exactly what is happening, as in my question above.Firmware 1.070 and one ink has a low - not empty - ink warning.

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