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Canon Pro-1000 ink issues

I have now had 3 Canon pro-1000 with various issues over the years. I refill my carts with genuine Canon ink with minimal problems.

After performing a nozzle check the cyan was a red/brown colour, so I performed a clean for it to not go away. I printed some Cyan purge sheets which changed it from red/brown to purple.

I purchased a brand new pro-1000 on Tuesday and obviously everything was great printing wise, all auto checks were on. I performed a nozzle check at the end of the day to find the Cyan printout completely blank, again ran a few cleans and nothing. Printed purge sheets to get purple again. I bought and installed a new genuine Canon cart and started getting some good nozzle checks but with a few missing lines. Performed 2x clean 1x deep clean and 1x system clean as Canon suggests in their manual. After the system clean I ran a nozzle check to find all lines present, but the Cyan is purple?

It can't be an issue with compatible Cyan ink, as the cart installed today is genuine?



New printer?


Issues right out of the box?


Call Canon.  1-800-423-2366 

Bay Area - CA

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