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Canon Pro-100 A2 Envelope Printing


I am trying to print return addresses on A2 envelopes on my Canon this possible?  There is no selection for this size or even any envelope size on the print preview screen.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Lee, 


Yes I bought a Brother laser printer. The HL3180CDW and it works beautifully for printing envelopes. I still use my Canon for art pices or printing on watercolour paper but ultimately I think they are terrible as a company. My Brother printer did give me problems in the beginning (I just have terrible luck with printers and knew this so when I bought it at Staples I got the 1 year warranty). I did call Brother and they trouble shooted with me but ultimately it was a manufacteur defect and I had to exchange it at Staples for the same printer and it the new one works really well and I recommend it. No problems to report. 


Thanks Kaitlyn


I'm curious if you found a printer that will feed A-2 envelopes. We print return addresses on the back flap and can't find one to replace the last one we had that worked.