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Canon Pro 10 ink use in cleaning cycle ?


Although this has been discussed in other printer forums, it has not been clear as to how much ink is used in the non user avoidable 60 hour cleaning cycles so I thought to ask here. Every 60 hours (in the pro 10), a cleaning cycle will take place and does anyone know whether it is 1 ml per ink cartridge or 1 ml per entire cleaning cycle? For me, this is important as over a years time it is a 10 to 1 difference in cost of ink and my purchase of the Canon Pro 10 will depend on the overall cost of ink in cleaning cycles. I understand that the deeper cleaning cycles can be avoided by printing out a test page every few days but not the 60 hr cycle. Much thanks for any info.



I've had my PRO-10 for ... probably around 10 months by now (that's a guess).   


It's my understanding that a single fresh ink cartridge holds 14ml of ink.  If it were were going through 1ml per cartridge, by my math, it would run out after just 35 days.   (The PRO-10 holds 10 tanks .. so it's a total of 140ml spread across all tanks.)


I use some cartridges more than others... so a few of my cartridges were replaced after maybe 4 months... but the last of the original cartridges were just replaced a few weeks ago.   My guess is that some of my cartridges lasted 9 months.


Also keep in mind that when you swap any cartrige it runs a purge/prime cycle and that does burn down 1ml of ink.  My other half tried to print something (as a surprise to me -- so he didn't want to involve me), got a "low ink" warning and replaced *only* that cartridge (instead of a couple others) and this triggered the "domino effect" (on a PRO-10... when you need to replace a cartrige because it's empty, you should also replace any cartridges that are extremely low (close to empty) because if you don't, the purge cycle will probably push those low-cartriges into an empty state and then you'll have to replace them... which triggers ANOTHER purge cycle, and so on.  So best to just swap everything that's very low all at the same time so you only have one cycle.  Had my other half known about this... I probably could have got another 1-2 months out of them.  I believe the "purge" cycle does use about 1ml of ink per tank (but that's the purge cycle... not the cleaning cycle).


Jose Rodriguez has a Youtube channel on photo printers and this topic comes up a lot.



He mentions that the Epson's don't have this regular cleaning cycle ... but the consequence of that is that the Epson's end up clogging if not used enough and/or if those unused colors aren't being regularly cleaned.  That problem ends up wasting a lot of ink trying to unclog the head.  He prefers the Canon system.  It's a small amount of ink but it keeps the printer running better.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks for reply. Good info. I search Jose Rodriguez videos and he is not clear on this issue of ml of ink per 60 hr cycle- Ink cost is a big expense for those who go for the longevity of OEM inks. In regards avoiding the domino effect with OEM inks, one solution is to purchase the huge capacity carts on the Pro 1000 and fill a second set of Pro 10 cartridges to have available when one needs replacing you replace them all at once. This is described in his videos. If the cleaning cycles are 1 ml total rather than a larger amount, then I will purchase the Canon. If not, it will have to be an Epson. Epson users should be informed that they must print out a small test page every 2 or 3 days or clogs will result.  Most do not know that and as Jose Rodriguez points out, problems will result. I prefer the Canon though -.