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Canon PRO-1000 series HTTP


I purchased the Canon PRO-1000 series HTTP because I wanted a very good color printer. What I received was a major ordeal every time I print something. I'm not completely stupid and know my way around Canon printers but this one is a pain in the butt! Coordinating sizing in several placed is ridiculous...on the software, on the printer and if you use other devices like a scanner, you have to check the properties there also as that will effect the outcome also.

I truly hate this printer and regret the purchase. I've been using this for 2 years so this is not a case of new user frustration. 

When printing a large photograph size A3, I verify the settings in the software I'm using and then the printer settings. After doing that and sending the print job, the photo is still not correct. A photo that was supposed to be an 11"x11" prints as a 7"x7".

Why doesn't Canon sync the settings for print jobs going to their printers. I've never had a printer that I have to manually change the settings on to match the print job. Who's the genius that came up with that!!

Are there any users of this printer that don't have this issue? Also what software do you find works best for editing and printing?