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Can't get color to look right when printing on a disc with my pixma pro 100.


After spending an hour and 40 minutes on the phone with canon, I still can't get good color when printing on a disc with the Pixma pro 100.  Even with adjusting the image to try to brighten it, the image on the cd is not good.  The picture printed on paper looks fine, but the same image when printed on the disc, does not look good.  The red looks more like a maroon.  I sent the image to the customer service person and they said it printed for them the same.  She suggested trying a glossy coated disc.  I am happy to do that if it will print nicely, but don't want to spend more money if that will not solve the situation.  The tech support could did not really have any answers as to why the color was so poor on the disc.  Anyone else have this issue or can recommend a disc to purchase that will produce a nice, color when printed on?  Picture of the CD and printed out on paper.


Thank youIMG_6702.JPG



Perhaps try different media types. I am guessing there are many degrees of surface and quality on DVDs.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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If I didn't know any better, I would say that the image on the CD looks as if the dynamic range has been compressed ..... almost as if the contrast has been cranked way, way down.  Just an observation.

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" I am guessing there are many degrees of surface and quality on DVDs."


Yes this is true.  I have run across it a lot.  Buy different brands of DVD.  It is not likely ever going to look as good a photo paper though.

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