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Brand New Pixma Pro 100 Fails In Less Than 12 Hours

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I'm going to guess that nobody has ever encountered this before, but I'll lay it out and see if the collective can tell me just what the heck is happening.

(Note: I used a 9000 for many flawless years and consider myself to fairly competent at both color management and printing...)

August 29th: Ordered Pixma Pro 100 from B&H along with a second set of inks.


September 2nd: Printer Delivered and installation went just fine with my Win 10 Pro PC via USB connection.  Managed to run two 8x10 prints and one 12x18 print before deciding to not waste too many supplies until I better understood all the new software.  It really couldn't have been easier to get it up and running.


September 3rd: Turned on computer and printer at around 0800 and by 1100, the printer was displaying a solid amber light and was entirely unresponsive.  It was totally frozen and for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist.  Computer didn't see it at all.  Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in.  Tried holding different combos of buttons while plugging it in.  Tried an alternate power cord and changed the USB cable as well.  Nothing.  Just that one amber light.

I even rolled my PC back to August 31 in an effort to re-install everything, but when the install routine reached the point where I was supposed to plug in the printer and turn it on, the software basically asked "Hey, where't the printer?"

Spoke to printer support via CPS and the guy on duty said he'd never, ever heard of this kind of failure. 

I have searched for hours to find any reference on the web to a similar failure and I've found nothing...

I'll try Canon tech support once on Tuesday morning (after the three-day weekend) but I have a hunch my next call will be to B&H for a replacement.

Oh, and for the record: CPS told me that if I wanted to pursue a warranty claim via Canon, there was every possibility I'd  get a refurb and not a brand new printer.  That's kind of a rude kick in the teeth when you haven't even had the chance to submit the rebate paperwork.

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