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Advice needed with my pro100 printer


 I am new to this forum and I need some advice with my new Pixma Pro100 printer. 

I am an artist , previously printed my artwork with Epson using MAC Photoshop elements and  Hahnemule art papers . 


This is my first professional printer and I am thoroughly confused as I’m out of my comfort zone.

Adding to my confusion is that I am also new to Windows,  so I apologize As i don’t know the right terminology. 


If I save a custom printer setting as a default , on my PC Vista, would those settings be recognized when  I print directly from my iPad Air . I ask I am having trouble with muddy looking colours when printing from my iPad ... as well the paper choice is meagre to say the least with the iOS app.


Would the colours be similar if I transfer a photoshop elements file from my iPad to this PC laptop and print it with custom settings? Would I need to do extra colour management  which I know nothing about.?  Unfortunately my PC laptop is borrowed and has no Photoshop anything on it. 


I am trying to think outside of the box as I bought this printer Not realizing there are very few printing options on iPad

What are my choices? What would you recommend?

At this point I cannot afford to buy a newer computer so I am hoping I can move forward with what I have available to me.


And I apologize about my earlier posting which was incredibly long, and due to lack of sleep,  I edited it a few times, so someone marked it as spam. 


If you print directly from an iPad to the printer you are using the AirPrint driver which is limited in capability.

Do you have a computer other than the borrowed one?

What photo/graphic related software do you have on your computer(s)?
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Hi John, I appreciate you pointing out the AirPrint driver which explains a lot. I incorrectly  assumed it was Canon as I was using their apps (Canon Print and Pro Gallery Print.) Clearly I have a lot to learn. 


at this point I only have this borrowed PC to print from but there is no photo related software on it. 


however my preIntel MacPowerbook G4 has several digital imaging programs, photoshop amongst them. All my older work was saved as photoshop files on this computer . 


After a lengthy illness I am afraid I don’t have the funds to buy any new equipment ... not until I sell some of my work... and I need to print it first . 




If you have Photoshop on the Mac maybe you can contact Adobe and get the license transferred to a Window’s version you could load on the PC. 


Another option would be to be to download a trial version of Serif Affinity which will open Photoshop files and make some prints. If that program works for you you can buy it for about $60. 



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John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Hi John,

you, sir, have a brilliant idea! I will certainly try Affinity out. It looks quite robust as computer software, and it’s offered as a device app. And it offers me options. 💃 thank you 😊 


Another question I have, and perhaps you might know, regardless of trying Affinity 

... amI right in assuming it’s  possible to print an image file - sent to this PC Vista by email  - through Canons Photo ShopPro? 

If so what file format would be best . Or does it need a photo application to open it first, read it , and then print through PSP.






If by " Canons Photo ShopPro" do you mean Print Studio Pro? That is a plugin that only works with Lightroom or Photoshop, so would only print file formats compatible with those programs.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Ah yes... I did mean Print Studio Pro. Oops.Early morning brain fog.


out of curiosity what is your preference or method when printing with the Pro 100?

Do you use  different plugins depending on your print job ? Or is there a “favourite” . 

I do everything with Adobe Photoshop. All my visual art, all editing, and definitely printing. 


I am a professional artist and have worked at several different printing companies throughout the years and cannot seem to figure this one out. This is my first professional home printer and I have been printing via wifi for the entire 4 months that I have owned it without any issues. My roommate recently got angry and picked it up to pretend he was going to throw it and then set it down less than gentle but not crazy hard, I realize this is the cause, however when I connect the printer to my computer with the USB cable it prints fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue might be? I am thinking that a sensor of some kind was knocked or a chip somewhere was damaged. Even Canon tech support couldn't rationalize the issue.

Thank you. 

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