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mx450 will print but not scan.


Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons:

- Scanner is turned off.

- (If using Wired LAN connection) It is disconnected from Wired LAN.

- (If using wireless LAN connection) Signal strength is poor due to obstructions.

- Network connection is prohibited by security software.

- Different scanner on the network is selected.


Please check and try again.


this is the message I get when I try to scan a document.  But according to my setting, everything is working fine.  The printer works fine. The ink is 100%, I have wireless connection to the devise, so help please.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jayema,


So we can best assist you, we would need some more information to help narrow down this issue.


  1. Are you scanning directly from the printer or from the computer using IJ Scan Utility?
  2. What is the signal strength of the printer? (Click HERE for steps on how to print the network settings)
  3. If you are using IJ Scan Utility, is the printer listed as MX450 series Network?
  4. What version of Windows or Macintosh is installed on your computer?


We look forward to your reply.

Hi, I am trying to scan from my printer but have also tried from my computer (Macbook Air) 

2. Network Config Page shows signal strength as 100%

3.Printer Name is listed as FC2DAB000000 BUT bonjour service name shows Canon MX450 Series

4.macOS High SIerra version 10.13.6 

Hi jayema,

When you have IJ Scan Utility open, please make sure the printer is listed as MX450 series Network and then press either the document or photo button to start the scan.


If you still get the same error, please go open your system prefrences and select printers and scanners. From there select your printer and press the - button to remove it. Then press the + button and select the option to add a new printer. This will open a new window and there should be an option for MX450 series Bonjour and MX450 IJ Network. You will want to choose the IJ Network option.


Once all that is done, please go back to IJ Scan Utility and try to scan again. Does the error still appear?


We look forward to your reply.

Hi Arthur,


When I follow your instructions I do not get the IJ Scan Utility option.  I can either choose MX450 or AirPrint.  If I choose MX450 I get the same error.  If I choose AirPrint I get the same error.



Hi jayema,


Please click HERE and install the MX450 series Scanner Driver Ver.19.1.0h and then the ICA Driver Ver. 4.0.0a. Once they are both installed, please restart your computer and then after the restart, open finder and search for IJ Scan Utility. Does it appear?


We look forward to your reply.

Hi Arthur, Yes the utility is in my finder applications.

Hi Arthur,


I am still getting the same message when I try to scan.  I think I am giving up on this lost cause.