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mf753cdw connecting wifi on google home network


Just purchased a canon all in one MF753CDW. My HP all in one died after four years and basically I wasn’t real. Happy with it anyway. I’m having problems hooking up the Wi-Fi. It only recognizes the Google home node’s and not the Wi-Fi network. I’ve tried following the instructions, I’ve tried manually, putting in the SSID and I followed the YouTube instructions without success. Any ideas? My router is upstairs on the other side of my house so it’s not real accessible. I’ve had canon printers in the past, and in fact, I have a canon 8700 which I use for photo printing. It is on the net work, and I did not had any problems setting it up.



any ideas??

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Davebuck,

When performing the setup from the operation panel using the steps in the link HERE, the printer will search for wireless access points in range. In Step 7, you can select the node that is closest to the printer. The list will show the wireless access points in order based off of signal strength so the top one should have the best signal. Once connected, the printer should be on the mesh network and the other devices should be able to view it. 

If you are having problems connecting or entering the password for the network during the setup or if the computer is unable to find the printer over your mesh network. I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to help checking what might be causing issues with the setup.

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