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Windows X cant find my MG5420 printerr via wifi


Ever since Windows X was force loaded onto my PC my PC cannot find my printer via wifi connection.  Was working just fine until Windows X loaded.  Downloaded new driver from Cannon, installled, no lucj.  Printer stilll not working.   Printer stack says either Printer offline or Gathering Printer Info.  


Heop.  How do I get PC running windows X to connect with my printer agian.





Since your new operating system is not able to communicate with your printer and shows it is offline,...Here are some basic steps to diagnose your issue.


Log into your router's admin portal.  Look at the list of connected devices and determine what the printer's IP address is.


While you're there, note the IP address of your computer as well.


Both of these devices must be on the same LAN segment in order to communicate.  


Next open a command prompt and ping the printer's IP address.  Does it reply?


What happens if you open internet browser and type the printers IP address in there? Does its web server display?


A third party antivirus software can keep devices from communicating with your PC.  Just mentioning that in case it applies.


After an OS upgrade, some peripherals don't always communicate or work properly.


I would suggest removing the printer from Device and Printers in Control Panel..  You can do this by right clicking it and selecting remove device from the context menu.


Now go back to Control Panel Programs and Features.  Uninstall the Canon driver and software.


Now restart your machine.  Then visit the Canon support portal for your printer and download the drivers for Windows 10 OS.  


Run the installer.  It should detect the printer.  If it doesn't there's an option to enter the IP address which you will know after confirming in your router's admin portal.  Take the extra step and ensure the printer is connected to the wireless network.  You can do this on its LCD panel.  It will show you the IP address the printer uses to communicate with the network.  


Hopefully this will get you going again.  








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