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TR8620a Failed to communicate with the printer Error


I bought my TR8620a in May, it worked great printing from all my Window and Apple devices. I could see the printer on my eero as well, so i knew the connection was good. Yesterday off and on I started getting the following message when printing from my Apple devices:  "Failed to communicate with the printer. Check Printer connection. If there is no problem with the connection, open your smart phone's settings and check that this app has been granted local network access."

When I try to print my window computer I get a message that it is trying to "Collect Printer", it will eventually print documents only, but the que never clears and it reprints same document 4 or 5 times.

I've followed all the recommended advice from the knowledge base, restarted entire network, computers, printer, smart devices. Confirmed all are on the same network, and all network settings, also eero device is next to printer.

How do I correct this issue



Is anyone from Canon able to provide guidance on this issue?