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basic software needed for PIXMA TS6220


I recently got a new Windows 11 laptop and have attached my TS6220 printer, which has been printing ok on this new laptop. Today I noticed it was not printing the right color. I can see that cyan is out by inquiring on the printer screen, however, the usual printer icon that shows ink status in the lower right of my computer screen is not there. I went the Canon download page for my printer but didn't see any software that seemed appropriate. Any suggestions on what to download for this basic check-printer-ink-status functionality? Thx



Thanks for joining the conversation, brooknorton!  You can download everything you need for your PIXMA TS6220 for free right here.  A lot of smaller features like the printer status monitor that you'd see on your computer screen are included as part of those bigger applications.  They're free, they don't take up much space, and when they're all together, your printer can achieve its full potential, so we recommend downloading and installing everything you find there.

If you need additional help, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

Thanks and have a great day!

I've tried the "right here" link and do not see the basic software there (I do see specialized software that does not seem to be what I need), as needed to indicate ink levels. Can you tell me exactly which file to download to monitor ink levels? Thx.

We're not kidding when we say all of them. 😄 Probably the most important ones for your purposes, though, would be TS6200 Series MP Drivers and IJ Printer Assistant Tool.  Keep in mind, however, that some of their features might not be fully functional without the other applications also being present.


It would be nice if the original total-install program were there, that auto installs all the parts. Afterall, people do need to do this when they get a new computer. I'll try installing all of them and see how it goes. I previously just installed the Assist Tool but it would not open, saying it could not find a compatible printer (which was connected and printing ok). Will let you know how the install-all goes...


I installed all the software, rebooted, and still the same result. No apparent way to check the ink level. It used to pop up the ink levels whenever I printed something; now nothing. If I try to run IJ Printer Assistant Tool, I still get the pop up that "A printer that supports IJ Printer Assistant Tool cannot be found."

Any suggestions how to move forward so that I can check the ink levels? Thx

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