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TR4520 not prompting for wi-fi password, so not connecting to the router


I am settign up my new TR4520 and when selecting on the printer it begins to try to connect without a prompt to imput the password. So the result, it tries to connect and then gives me an error message. Error Code: 3441.


The printer is trying to connect to my wireless router without asking for password.


How do I resolve this?




Wireless set up videos are here:

Bay Area - CA

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Hi walepiper,


To connect your PIXMA TR4520 to your wireless netowork, please use the WPS PIN Code method:






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doesn't work

Same problem and the videos and the WPS do not work.


I have the same issue.  In manual setup the printer will ask for a password for all the wifi signal in the neighborhood, but not for the one in my house.  It recognizes the signal but does not ask for a password.  Frustrating.

I was dealing with this issue as well. Check to see if you have WPA3 enabled on your network/routers. I turned WPA3 off which then drops the network down to WPA2 and it then allowed me to type in the password. After the setup was finished I turned my WPA3 back on and the printer is still connected. I don't think these devices are fully WPA3 compatible so that workaround might be what you need to do as well.

Kudos to BDragonD24.  I have a TS9120 that dropped off my EERO based wireless network (I had power problems).  Then I could not get the printer back, it kept giving me a 3441 error.  As BDragonD24 suggestged, I turned off WPA3 on my network, and walla! 


thank you so much for confirming this so recently. I was going insane trying to reconnect my printer to a new router.

Yes!!! This is the exact solution that worked for me.

Here are more details for future visitors to this forum post. If you have a newer router and the security/authentication mode is set to WPA2/WPA3, this printer (Canon TR4520) will not connect. It will not prompt you for the network password even if you try both connection methods (Easy Wifi connect and manual connect). You must change your router's wireless security/authentication mode to wpa/wpa2 (or just wpa2 depending on your router) and then you can connect the printer. You can then change the router setting back to WPA2/WPA3 and it will still connect.

Thank you so much.