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TR150 Wireless Printing Issue


Last week I purchased the Canon Pixma TR150 (to replace my Pixma ip100, which replaced my second BJC55 years earlier)
I have found these old printers to be quite useful in their portability, as I do a lot of travelling for work and must do a fair amount of printing while in my hotels.
While my new TR150 looks to be a great machine and prints wonderfully, I am having issues with the connectivity.

Part of the reason I purchased it was for the wireless printing option that I had with my previous models.
As I understand it, I can connect it to a network, and have devices on the network send printing jobs to it.  But I purchased this to be able to print “on the road” at my hotels so I do not have the “network” option. I know I can still use a “wired” connection with the supplied cable, but I hoped to use it wirelessly like my previous printers. 
Unless I am doing something incorrect and can instruct me otherwise, from reading the instructions (and in my connection attempts), the only way to print wirelessly without a network is to use the Wireless Direct option. 
If it connected and kept a dedicated connection like the ip100, everything would be fine.  But it seems that I must disconnect my device from the internet, then connect it to the printer to be able to print. If this is the only way to connect wirelessly (without a network), it seems that this printer has taken a step backwards in its connectivity compared to the ip100. If you are printing multiple pages from the internet you have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting both the printer and your Wi-Fi, it seems very inefficient.

Am I missing something or is there another way to keep a wireless connection to a device like the ip100 did?