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Regarding for LBP622cdw wireless connect problem


I'm trying to conncet to wireless lan.
But, cannot connceted.

[Could not conncet. Check the PSK setting]

Find my wireless network and then put on PSK, but cannot connceted.
PSK meaning's my network PW right?
Pls help me!!!






I had 3 of these at a client.  Worked very well in their labs.  

This is likely going to be related to the type of wireless network you are connecting to.

Please tell us more about your network configuration, AP and hardware?  The 622 has a 2.4Ghz radio and can only connect to ta 2.4Ghz broadcast.  If you are using a dual or tri-band router with the same SSID name for all broadcasts, the printer can become confused. Using unique names for each broadcast can help.  You can also try  disabling 5G temporarily, connecting to the 2.4 broadcast, then re-enable.  Supported security standards are WEP, WPA-PSK1 and 2.  Use WPA.  If your wireless network supports 802.11r, etc, you may need to disable it. 

PSK means "pre-shared key"

This should get you going.   😀


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Thank you so much!

I'll trying to do☝️