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Professional Print & Layout suddenly refuses to load


Pro Print & Layout has suddenly failed to load - both as a stand-alone and a photoshop plugin from my Desktop HDD. (Windows 10 Pro 64bit). I am able to print a test sheet successfully (over WiFi) from the settings/Printer & Scanners/Canon Pro-2100. Troubleshooting has found no problems. I have reinstalled Windows 10 with the latest build in an unsuccessful attempt to remedy the problem. The SSHDD & RAM has plenty of free space

The software loads perfectly and I am able to print on/from my laptop. 

I have reinstalled printer drivers and all software. The printer Imagepro Pro 2100 is functioning perfectly connected over the Wifi, everything seems to be configured correctly. Only Professional Print & Layout refuses to open.....grrrrrrrr. 

Can anyone help, please?



I found your post and have the same problem....except my Professional Print and Layout has never opened up. Windows 10 Home with 64 bit.

As I Professional Print and Layout downloaded, but will not open up. All other software works okay.

You would think a Canon Tech could read these once in awhile and give some input on what to do. Double grrrrrrrr.

Thanks for your feedback.

I contacted Canon NZ (I live in New Zealand!) and the recommendation was to have a technician visit. That was a disappointing response. I assume we are not the only Canon customers with the problem and I would have appreciated an explanation.

I have run a comprehensive hardware health check, software, drivers and OS is up to date.

I have completely removed the software and cleaned the registry using Revo Uninstaller and then downloaded and reinstalled it - still not opening!

I have disabled DEP - still not opening!

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter run and reports - 'Incompatible Program' and 'Not Fixed'

Interestingly, I have copied the software app from my laptop onto a USB memory (Flash Drive) from which the program will then open on my Desktop PC as a standalone from the flash drive.

The next step I will attempt is check for competing Apps.

Just a quick call from Canon would be appreciated, rather than a technician visit and charging just to enter my premises. Yes Grrrrrrrr


I don't work for Canon and I am not a fanboy defender, but 1. many people sucessfully use PP&L, and 2. you demonstrated that the software will work on a different computer of yours, so you are apparently dealing with some unique problem with your particular configuration.

1. it may not be a Canon problem and 2. things like that can be very hard to diagnose.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic