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Pixmax printer TS7450 wifi only 26%


Hi All

Just bought a new TS7450 after owning a MG5750 for about 5 years. Never had a problem printing on the old machine but the new machine is taking 1-2 minutes to print one small page of text. The helpdesk have checked the machine and say the wifi is only registering 26% and it needs 60% to print speedily. They said I need to move nearer to the wifi to get a better result but I'm only about 15 feet from it.

We ran the Network Configuration page which stated the 26%. However, the Network Diagnostic setting said there was a problem in the settings/enviroment with a result code of C-0, C-7, C-9. The technician said that was referring to the wifi being low. Would appreciate any suggestions. 


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