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Can't get Canon Pixma Ix 6820 on the network


A user has a canon Pixma IX 6820, a printer that has no LED screen, I have tried what the manual suggests and this printer is not cooperating to get in on the network.

It's wired to a tested network jack that I know is active (other devices have connectivity when plugged into the same network jack). I follow directions to get it to print a network config page expecting to see default IP information but its blank and the "Wired Lan" setting has "Disable" next to it.

So, I go through the manual (which is not super helpful either) , and it says to configure the wired connection hold the stop button until the power blinks 11 times then let go. (This is after it tells you captain obvious stuff like - you have to have a live network connection to a router/switch first and the ethernet has to be plugged into the network port on the printer , etc.) But after the 11 blinks its suppose to configure the network.

I did that ...nothing. Re-print the config page and same results. No default IP , still says "disable" next to Wired LAN.

Setting up a simple printer shouldn't be a multi-hour endeavor. Why on earth would Canon not make a simple feature to configure this is beyond me. 


Thanks for any help in advance. 





Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!