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Pixma MG3620: Printing with wireless and USB


I currently have my Pixma MG3620 on WiFi for printing, but with the explosion of work-at-home folks, my neighborhood is now filled with interference.


I have the latest Verizon FiOS router, FYI.


It seems silly to me to have to wait for a lull in the action in order to print from my desktop which is literally inches away (on Ethernet to the router).


Is there a way to set up my Pixma so that I can print on both USB (from my desktop) and WiFi (from other devices)?




The issue you are experiencing is on your LAN and is unrelated to your internet connection.


So the explosion of work from home folks outside does not affect your ability or times you can print.  This is a point A to point B connection occurring inside your home.  


While you can print from a machine connected directly via USB and from other devices connected wired/wirelessly (simultaneously), I do not recommend this configuration.  It's going to cause you problems.


Pick a connection or interface type and stick with it. If you are having wireless connectivity issues because your home network is in close proximity to others, you can fix by using wired connections between devices (Ethernet), connecting the printer to the network using ethernet or by changing the channels your wireless broadcasts are using to something different that a neighbor.


Either way, you have options to address the situation regardless what is happening outside of the home.  






Bay Area - CA

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Thanks, Rick. I guess I'll go USB direct.


I was afraid that was my only option. Buying or renting a booster from Verizon is pricey. If I need something mission critical, that might be what I have to do. I rather enjoy being able to print from my phone while in the living room, but I guess I'll just go USB and be done with it.