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PSElements Crashing on Mac


This may not directly involve Canon but someone else may have the problem with Elements and Canon's Print Studio Pro [PSP] and might offer a solution.   When I use PSP and hit any key on the keyboard by accident after making a print,  Elements freezes and I have to Force Quit the app which means losing all the editing, if I failed to save it.  I have noticed this on Intel based and M1 based Macs.  I have asked about this on the PS board but have received no response;  I am hoping someone here may be able to suggest a reason this is happening.  Thanks.



Which version of elements? This has been a pretty common complaint on the Apple boards. AFAIK, Adobe has not yet addressed it.

I have had no issues with PSE 2021 and my M1.

Hi, kvbadrkley,

Hi, kvbarkley,

I am using Elements 2020 (18.0).  Today I had the same problem come up and I exited Print Studio Pro and found that Elements was still alive; I didn't have to force quit.  So it could be that PSP itself is the issue.  That workaround may be fine or not.  Time will tell.  

Thanks for helping.


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