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PIXMA iX6820 How to bridge gap between 64-bit driver and 32-bit application


I have a custom made Windows 7 32 bit computer connected to a Brother Scanner Printer and a Cannon iX6820 PIXMA Printer.   I am an engineer, now retired, and over the years used autodesk AutoSketch to make numerous drawings for work and home.

When Window's stopped supporting 32 bit, a 64 bit solid state computer was added and the majority of my programs had a 64 bit update.  All but AutoSketch.  To run AutoSketch I had to restart my PC choosing Windows 7 32 bit where I could work with AutoSketch.  My Cannon printer program had to be updated for 64 bit and has difficulty printing my 32 bit Windows 7 AutoSketch drawings.  What was a single page drawing is now six pages with the drawing in the middle of the six - I have to cut and paste six sheets throwing most of it away, and I have to tape the small drawing pieces together.

Looking for a way to tell my Canon Printer to switch back to older software to print Windows 7 32 bit  AutoSketch drawings, then switch back to newer printer software for the Windows 10 64 bit stuff.

I have spent days trying to find a way to talk to a technical person at Cannon about this, and have not gotten through - yet!

Suggestions/Ideas/Info ?    





This is thoroughly confusing to me. Please answer these questions:

1. How many computers are you talking about? Do you have just ONE computer with a 64-bit Windows? What Windows? 7?

2. The Autosketch you have is NOT able to run on your 64-bit Windows OS?

This would not be surprising. The last version of AutoSketch was in 2008, and it was dropped entirely in 2016. There is NO support for it. You are trying to use it on an obsolete computer with an obsolete Windows OS.

Windows 7 , even 64-bit, is obsolete even for most new software. It is risky to keep using it in any way. There's no support for it from Microsoft and it is a security risk. You really need to get current with Windows 11. Windows 10 is only supported until 2025. And you need software that will open your AutoSketch files. Read this:



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