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PIXMA TS3122 printer not responding on ONE computer


I have a Canon Series 3122 printer. It has worked flawlessly for years. I returned from vacation and updated my Windows 10 PC. I don't know if that is the issue but now it won't print.  If I hook it up to my Windows 11 PC, it works fine.

On the Windows 10 PC the printer shows itself in the Printers & Scanners box.  When I do a print test page or something else I get an error message. All it says is Printer not responding. 

I know the printer works but now not working on this Windows 10 PC.

I have updated the printer driver through the Windows update system, when installing the printer. I have removed the device and installed it multiple times.  It is plugged in directly to my Windows PC, into the USB port.

I am looking for help as I really like this printer.

Thanks, Faryl



Not sure why someone changed the title to PIXMA from Canon. It is a Canon printer for sure.  Perhaps PIXMA has taken them over? If the editor could fix that title it would be appreciated.

Thanks for joining the conversation!  Your printer's still totally a Canon but its first name is PIXMA, the name we use for our consumer inkjet product line.  We just edited the subject line to show its full proper name.  If you take a close look at your printer, both the Canon and PIXMA logos should appear on the unit.

Hope this clears things up!

Thanks for the reply Danny, I appreciate it.  

Any help with my issue though?  I got it working on my Windows 11 computer but still won't work on my Windows 10 computer, despite multiple driver updates, printer removal and re-installs and everything else I could think of.

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