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PIXMA MX7520 WiFi password change issue (recognizing OLD password - not able to update with new)

PIXMA MX7520 WiFi password change issue

I changed my WiFi password (same network name, just updated original password)...Now, the printer will not give me an option to enter the new password.  It's recognizing our OLD password (defaulting to it).


The printer DOES recognizes our home network and we click our network to connect and it does NOT Prompt us for the Wi-Fi Password so we cannot udpate it.  It just says it cannot connect, and it connected fine before to this network with our old password (just last week), which tells us that the Printer is recognizing our OLD Password. 


How do we UPDATE the Printer with our NEW Password, so we can connect our printer?  We need to DELETE the old password and be able to enter the new one.....But when selecting our network, we are not getting the option to CHANGE/Update the password! Smiley SadIt just says we cannot connect. 😞


We have a CANON Pixma MX7520. Please advise!


I am pulling my hair out I am so frustrated! Thank you!!!!