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My pixma TS6120 cannot detect my new Tmobile router


I am using Mac OS12.6 and can't reinstall the printer. Was there I deleted and that's it. The printer can't detect the new router. Was working fine with the previous routers.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi NellieA,

To connect your PIXMA TS6120 to your wireless network, please follow these steps:

1. Press the HOME button on your PIXMA TS6120.

2. Select Setup on the Home screen (it is the gear icon at the bottom of the LCD screen).

3. Select Settings.

4. Select Device Settings.

5. Select LAN settings.

6. Select Wireless LAN.

7. Select Wireless LAN setup.

8. Select Manual connect.

9. Select your wireless network name.

10. Enter your wireless network password.

11. Select OK when "Connected to the wireless router." appears.

Your PIXMA TS6120 is now connected to your wireless network.




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Hello Patrick,

Thanks for looking at my issue.

Unfortunately it isn't that simple.

I think it has to do with the frequency band from Tmobile. I have 2.4GH and 5GH. The printer supports 2.4 GH.

I have to request to split the band, or I have to get a cable.


Hello Patrick !

^ months later I have the same issue.

So I had to pay $20 to connect the printer to T-mobile:)) we didi exactly the same steps as you suggest.

Any way I have a Comcast now and changed the router once and it did work. Changed the router second time and I can't get to the prompt to add the password.

it is frustrating. If I choose a different network it is prompting for password. Not for mine. And the Internet is working fine.