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Mx920 Wireless printing problem


I have just bought an mx920, beautiful printer I may point out, it worked well for the first two days but I cannot print as of today, I connect to the printer wirelessly and all my computers are Macs.

The printer is connected to the network properly and my computer shows that it has an active connectiong, but when I click print the printer goes to "in use" and then goes offline, and the Print Que says "Printer not connected" 

I've tried connecting the printer to the network again, and I have restarted the printer along with my computers but it still wont work. 

Please help 

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As a light user only my major issue is with printer heads apparently drying out. The number of times  my MX920 has gobbled up new cartridges just trying to having to go thru the cleaning process several times has cost a fortune. This, added to the fact that there appears to be no on board memory makes this manufacturer a poor option. I purchased specifically due to having wireless connectivity (due to lack of space) but have had to resort to 6 metres of USB cable as this thing is guarranteed to lose its wireles set-up every time it is switched off (but not mains disconnected). For the so called excellent qualities of CANON printers I find it staggering that for a couple of extra bucks they could have fitted an NVRAM chip to solve the problem. If I EVER get this one working again I may accept the problems but cannot rely on it. Epson is beginning to look like a better option.



I am having the same problem.  Just purchased a couple weeks ago, and the problem just started to happen.  If I turn the printer off and back on, it works, but the printer is in another room so this is very inconvienient 😞


Like everyone else on this thread, I am having the same problem. I have Windows 7 as my operating system. It seems like macs are having the same problem. Does this not point to the source of the problem lying with the printer?


I bought the printer because my HP started to do this as well. I thought I was upgrading; apparently not.


Hello, Administrator, can you even humour us by advising Canon is looking into the problem and a fix?

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Hello everyone,


Please check out our "Wireless Help" page for assistance with wireless connections:


If the issue persists, please reach out to our support group via phone or email HERE.  There are several different factors that could be causing this, and we'll need to check into a few settings to determine what may be going on.  Please let us know your printer model and operating system when reaching out.  We can explore what may be occurring further from there!


If you are outside the USA, please go to and select the country you live in, or the country where it was purchased, for further support.



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No - didn't help.  Printer is MX922 Canon.  OS is iMac OSX Yosemite 10.10.0


This seemed to fix my problem:



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Re: mx 922 restart cant wake up

‎09-15-2013 01:42 PM

Hi lkoumis,


With some routers, if activity is not detected on a device after a set period of time, the device will be removed from the routing table. When the printer enters standby, it also enables discontinuous reception to save power. This might cause the printer to be disconnected from the router when you attempt to print again.


To disable this feature:

  1. Select Setup on your printer's operation panel
  2. Select Device Settings
  3. Select  LAN Settings
  4. Select Other settings
  5. And then Wireless LAN DRX setting
  6. Set this option to Disabled


If the device is still disconnected after a long period of inactivity, I recommend contacting your router manufacturer for some additional options or settings you can change within the router itself.

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 I am holding my breath!

Thanks, I am giving this a shot as this was enabled.

Sorry, but this is a printer problem, I have 7 other devices being wirelessly routed, at any given time I may not be active on them for far longer than my printer. The LAN DRX setting was suggested in other email threads not related to this one. It did not work in my case.


The printer, when it goes into standby mode, will indeed drop its connection, once that is done, I don't think it is the responsibility of any router to assume anything other than the device went away. At this point, I think, is where the printer fails, that is, when coming out of standby, the printer has no idea how to reconnect to the network, the only way it knows how to do so, is for a complete power cycle to communicate with the router. Unfortunately, it also means, once the connection is dropped, none of the devices have any way to communicate with the printer to wake it up, as far as they are concerned, the printer no longer accessible.


I have switched the printer from wireless to direct and have no issues with the printer losing network connectivity. The printer will wake up immediately when a print is requested by any of my devices.


As far as the response from the Canon engineer on the 3rd, it was disappointing. As I indicated in my responses, The printer works when wirelessly connected. Sending instructions on how to connect wireless was irrelevant.



You can add me to the list of MX920 printers that drop offline (wireless) with inactivity.


I tried the DRX setting, no help. 


If anyone has a link to the firmware upgrade, that would be great.


The printer works really well, but this problem seems so fundamental.  WHy not have an option to disable standby?



Rob, these are the steps I used for the firmware update. 

• Menu
• Set Up (OK)
• Device Settings (OK)
• Firmware (OK)
• Check Current Version (OK)
• Install Update (This took a few minutes)
When I spoke with the Canon Tech Support they did not show the latest Firmware Update that was available for our printers.
Hope this helps!
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