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Mobile App and Computer can't see PIXMA TR8620a - Solved: Asus Router Setting


Hoping that documenting this helps someone. I ran into a problem with my new Canon Printer (PIXMA TR8620a) where I was unable to connect to it from my phone or my windows computer. I had connected the printer to my WiFi using the touchscreen on the printer, and I was sure it was connected to the network. In the course of troubleshooting I was eventually able to connect from my computer by manually entering the printer's IP Address, but it clearly wasn't working the way it was supposed to.

I (of course) presumed it was an issue with the printer or the app, but turns out I was wrong: There was a setting on my Asus WiFi router causing problems.

This page ( suggested a number of changes, but I only had to make one change to get the printer visible across my home network.

Here's what I had to do:

  1. Log into my Asus router
  2. Go to "Wireless" settings, and click the "Professional" tab
  3. Find "Airtime Fairness" and Disable it

That's it - After changing that, the printer instantly appeared on my phone in the Canon Print app.

Hope this helps someone else banging their head against the wall trying to connect to their printer. 🙂

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