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MF741CDW driver installation problem (Local admin vs domain account)



We have recently purchased an MF741cdw installed as a network printer and are unable to install the drivers (MF741CMFDriverV6404WP.exe), which are needed to be able to scan from the printer.  We previously had a MF634cdw and had the same problem. 

The issue is described by our IT as: "These printer drivers are badly written and require installation from a local account, not a domain account, you are a true local administrator via your Active Directory account, but these specific drivers check for local account admin, not domain admin, this is quite frankly a QA issue from the publisher of the driver."

Is there a known fix for this issue, and does Canon have any plans on updating their drivers to work with Domain accounts as well?  I have seen this issue reported in another thread, but without any clarification if it will be fixed.