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1. PIXMA MG3620 Driver Install Problem 2. Canon Account Login Problem


Greetings Canon. I have a Canon PIXMA MG3620 Multifunction Inkjet, a Dell laptop running Windows 11 Pro, and a WiFi LAN connected to a DOCSIS HFC Cable Internet connection via a Linksys EA7300 router. I downloaded and installed the latest Canon-Recommended "MG3600 series Full Driver & Software Package (Windows)" from the Canon USA site (win-mg3600-1_1-n_jucd.exe 49,448 KB download). Installation went error-free. Now I can print from notepad on the MG3620 over WiFi just fine.

PROBLEM-1: Many of the Canon utilities and apps needed to fully use the MG3620 printer/scanner are missing, even though during the driver install there were pop-up messages saying they were being installed. For example, there is no way to use the scanner. Under Start > Canon Utilities > the IJ Scan Utility and many other utilities/apps related to the printer are ENTIRELY MISSING, even though there were pop-up messages saying they where being installed during the driver install process. In-fact under Start > Canon Utilities there are only TWO entries: (a) IJ Network Scanner Selector EX, and (b) IJ Network Tool. Both of those apps seem to work properly, the network and printer/scanner show up as expected and can be selected normally, but all the other utilities/apps related to the printer/scanner under Start > Canon Utilities (at least five more) are still missing. Also under Start, the two Canon drop-down entries: (a) Canon MG3600 Series Manual, and (b) Canon MG3600 Series User Registration, are missing.

Note, I did not interrupt the driver installation prematurely. The installation was allowed to finish in what seemed like a normal conclusion without any errors. Yes, I did a cold machine RESTART after the MG3620 driver package installation - no change - still all sorts of missing MG3620 related stuff under Start.

QUESTION-1: What is happening here Canon? Do I need to download and install some additional software? Do I need to re-install win-mg3600-1_1-n_jucd.exe (49,448 KB)? I cannot roll back to a pre-driver-install RESTORE point because I cannot find the RESTORE POINT app in Windows-11!

PROBLEM-2: I created an account on the Canon Site. The account creation went wthout error. However, I can NOT log in to my account. I enter my Email and password correctly, but then I cannot successfully complete the STUPID POP-UP GOOGLE CAPTCHA puzzle at the end of the login process!

QUESTION-2: Why can't I log in to my Canon account? Why is Canon using the broken GOOGLE CAPTCHA login-prevention nonsense?

Thank You, David in S.E. Florida