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MF644Cdw scanner not working with Macpro Air


I have an Imageclass MF644Cdw printer/scanner. I have, until yesterday, used only the printer function. Yesterday, after upgrading to Ventura 13.5, I downloaded the most up to date scanner driver (Scanner Driver & Utilities for Mac V2.15.12 [macOS 10.13.6 - macOS 13.4.1]). Upon installation, I was able to use the MF Toolbox Network Scanner Settings to add the Canon machine and it scanned perfectly......once! Subsequent attempts to scan have prompted error messages from "no available scanners" to not being able to communicate with scanners to my scanner not being supported by Canon and no amount of removing the driver and re-installing has fixed the issue. Printing functionality continues to be ok but the scanner still isn't working. I have another Brother machine that is on its last legs that I have been using for scanning and hoped to be able to print AND scan from the Canon. I've seen some commentary that perhaps the more recent MAC OS isn't compatible and that use of the Canon scanner has to be done through Image Capture but even if I try that, the Canon machine doesn't appear as a "shared device" so it isn't even recognized when I try and do this. Any suggestions? 

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