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ImageClass MF229DW Printer/Scanner - Scanning Error


I have been using an ImageClass MF229DW printer/scanner on a wired home network for several years to print and scan (scanning through the Canon MF Toolbox).  In November 2022 I went to scan and print and was unable to do either.

The Canon Support website offered new print drivers and a new MF Tool Box Version 4.9.  Installing the new print drivers allows printing to the device without problem; however I still cannot scan from the MF Tool box.  When I try I receive an error code 255,0,0 and referencing an online manual.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both print drivers and MF Toolbox with no change in outcome.

Computer OS Windows 10 (x64).

Appreciate any thoughts folks may have on how to fix.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello MTmarquis,

If you are getting a 255,0,0 error when trying to scan using Windows 10, I would suggest downloading and installing the (Windows 32-bit & 64-bit] Patch for Network Scan, USB Scan) from our support site using the link HERE. Once you have downloaded and installed the patch, you can restart your computer and try scanning again to see if it works. If you continue to have issue, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to help.