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Connecting two Canon Pro-1000 printer two one Mac


Does anyone know how to connect two Canon Pro-1000 printers to one Mac running Ventura? System Preferences recognizes both printers, but all print queues go to the same printer regardless of which one is selected. Both are wired with USB. 



I believe printer selection is controlled by the printing application, not the computer itself.

I'm not at my MacBook right now, but here is a typical display that I get on my PC:

Screenshot 2023-05-12 071517.jpg


John Hoffman
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Thank you for your response. The may have been resolved. I deleted and reinstalled the Canon driver which seems to have fixed the issue - hopefully long-term.


In case the reinstallation does not resolve the issue, If these printers are connected to your network, adding each as an IP printer will also allow them to be differentiated on the target system.  

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Perfect. Thanks, Rick!